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*** Syntronic MIDI303 Step-By-Step Installation Guide ***

You will need a good soldering iron, a screw driver and a drilling machine.

Step 1: Solder the components onto the MIDI303 board as indicated on PAGE 2. Use a 15W (or less) soldering iron and do not overheat the components (especially the tiny IC).

Step 2: Remove all screws and open your TB-303. The sequencer memory won't be affected if you need only 1 hour for the whole installation. If you should need more time just connect the power supply for a few seconds and the internal backup capacitor will be charged again for 1 hour.

Step 3: Remove the main PCB and the front PCB (2 screws located at battery supply).

Step 4: Remove the components in frames (8 wires & 1 resistor) which are indicated on the last page.

Step 5: Connect the pins on the mainboard with the corresponding pins on MIDI303 as indicated on PAGE 2 and the last page.

Step 6: Drill holes for the switch and MIDI IN connector. The switch should be placed between "TUNING" and "CUT OFF FREQ" letterings and the MIDI IN connector should be placed between "RESONANCE" and "ENV MOD" letterings.

Step 7: Mount the switch and the MIDI IN connector.

Step 8: Connect the switch to MIDI303 (19 & 20 on MIDI303 board).

Step 9: Connect the MIDI IN connector to MIDI303 as indicated on PAGE 2.

Step 10: Choose MIDI IN channel with the DIP switch as indicated on PAGE 3.

Step 11: Check the MIDI303 board and the TB-303 mainboard for bad wirings that could cause malfunction or even short-circuits.

Step 12: Connect power supply to the TB-303 and switch it on. Write some notes in your Sequencer on the MIDI channel you selected with the DIP switches and play the sequence. Try out Velocity 127 for Accent and overlapping notes for Slide. Remember that the MIDI/303 sequencer switch has to be in the right position (just try it out by manipulating the switch during play) for MIDI input. Put the MIDI/303 sequencer switch in the opposite position and try out the TB-303 sequencer.

Step 13: If everything works alright glue the MIDI303 board under then front pannel beside the volume knob (under the 'COMPUTER CONTROLLED' lettering).

Step 14: Reassemble the TB-303.