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-------------------------------------------------------- About MIDI303

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MIDI303 is a MIDI interface specially designed for the TB-303. It fits into the machine itself and needs no external power supply. MIDI303 controls the following parameters of the TB-303: note pitch (!!! 5 Octaves !!!), slide (when a new note is played while the old note is still hold), accent (when velocity equals 127). The latency of MIDI303 (that is: the time between receiving a MIDI message and responding to it) is extremely short compared to commercial digital synthesizers. The original TB-303 sequencer can still be used and therefore a switch is provided to choose between original sequencer or MIDI IN.
Unlike other synthesizers the TB-303 was not designed for CV/Gate input, that's why this approach fails. MIDI303 uses the TB-303's hardware in a more intelligent way by being connected to the sound generation unit itself. That's why you won't hear any difference between the original sequencer and MIDI input when the MIDI notes are played TB-sequencer-like.

MIDI303 opens a new dimension in sound creation with the TB-303. Playing the TB-303 with a keyboard is most enjoyable and the 5 Octaves pitch range enhances melodic possibilities.

MIDI303 has been purchased and used with success by big producers and well-known musicians like:

Ramon Zenker (Hardfloor / Bellini / Paffendorf / Perplexer / Celvin Rotane / ...)
Tomasso de Donatis (DJ Quiksilver / Noisefactory Studios) (4x MIDI303 !!!)
Helmut Zerlett (Nightwater Studios)
Loop Inc. Studios

and many others...


MIDI303 fits into the TB-303 itself and has to be connected to different locations on the main Pin Connector Board (PCB). Installation is not difficult but requires a minimum of soldering and electronics experience.

MIDI303 comes in two flavours:

- The Do It Yourself (KIT) comes with all necessary components and instructions to perform the installation task yourself. Click here to see the instructions and more information.
- Alternatively we can install MIDI303 into your TB-303. Click here for more information.