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-------------------------------------------------------- MIDI303 DIY Kit

Please follow this link for new MIDI303 Page NEW MIDI303 page.

MIDI303 can be installed by yourself using the MIDI303 Kit that comes with all necessary components and instructions. You need a bit of soldering and electronics experience to install the kit, but don't worry - it's not difficult at all.

Take a look at the installation instructions:

Page1 - Step by step installation guide
Page2 - MIDI303 PCB component locations
Page3 - Selecting MIDI IN channel using onboard DIP-switch
Page4 - TB-303 main PCB and modification locations (500KB .JPG!!!)

Name: Daniel Schaack
Location: Kehlen, Luxembourg (Europe)
Bank: CCR Kehlen
Account: 45/00680/501

To order MIDI303, please first write to:
Or order by snail-mail at the following address:

Daniel Schaack
1, dom. de Brameschhof
8290 Kehlen